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Monday, October 18, 2010

My Beautiful Daughter's Homecoming Dance!!

This past weekend was my daughter's homecoming dance!! The football team (which is undefeated...YAY!) won the homecoming game Friday night!!  Stephanie was so excited!  She really gets into football!!  Then Saturday, she spent the day painting her nails, doing her hair, getting a beauty nap, and finally dressing for the homecoming dance!  And I must say...she was stunning!!  She danced the night away and had a blast with all her friends.  What a great high school experience!!  This is her sophmore year, so there will be many more dances to come!  Here are a few more pictures.  I hope you enjoy them! : )


  1. These are great pictures!

  2. Defintely a proud moment! She looks beautiful!

  3. She looks so beautiful! You must be a very proud mom :)

  4. Thank you,ladies! I am indeed a proud momw! : )