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I am a single mother of an adult son and a teenage daughter who are my world! I love life and try to make ech day better than the one before. I love to create beautiful things and spend time with my loved ones! I am "designing to make life beautiful"!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Light out of darkness...

My daughter and I were enjoying some time together on the road this weekend, when we saw the most beautiful thing...the sun coming from behind a dark cloud.  Since my daughter drives everywhere we go now, I was able to take a minute to capture the moment on "film", well actually on her cell phone.  To me, it was just breathtaking, and as I pondered why...I realized that it reminds me of my life.  Having come through some dark times the past few years, I finally feel as if there is now an abundance of light in my life coming out of the dark.  I have often heard that we should be thankful for our trials, as they help us to grow and to appreciate the good.  I have struggled with this concept these past few years.  Perhaps this wonderous scene was placed there just for me to see. Pondering this beautiful picture has made me realize that I now appreciate beauty and blessings so much more than I ever have.  Because I have seen dark days, I now rejoice in the good days.  I am so thankful for my many blessings and for my Heavenly Father's love for me! I look forward to much more light out of darkness and to my future.  I hope this small post may give someone the hope that it has given me! 


  1. That's a great photo! I've always loved when the sun rays shoot out like that....so beautiful. It really reminds me how tiny I am in this universe....

  2. Thanks, PonderandStitch! We may be tiny in this universe...but we are all important! : )