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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My beautiful daughter!

OK...so...this is my second post today, but I just had to share this.  My daughter got her sophmore pictures back today...and they are just beautiful!  She is loving 10th grade and is making all A's so far!  She has Visual Arts, French I, English II, and Civics and Economics.  I think Visual Arts and Civics and Economics are her favorite classes.  She is quite the artist and loves anything history related.  She has signed up to play "Powder Puff Football" and starts practices this week.  She is also joining the "Interact" club, which is a club based on service.  They go to Walter Bickett preschool to give the children Chrismas/Holiday gifts, they organize two blood drives, and they host the school's Special Olympics.  She will be in her element with this club as she loves to serve!  She wants to do track in the spring and maybe join the Reading Club (because her English teacher gives extra credit to Reading Club members who read the books).  She loves going out to support the football team...(who is undefeated so far this year).  She also cannot wait until Homecoming.  I can tell she is going to have a busy and fun-filled year!!  And that means that I will too!  =D 

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