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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day of Design

Today I have accomplished much!  I completed four new hats...such as this pretty pink baby hat.  I also completed one in white (just like the pink one) and one in blue...for those baby boys out there.

Since my personal favorite accessory color is black (and at the request of a dear friend), I also made an adult size hat in black!  Black doesn't photograph very well, it seems, but the stitch pattern is the same as the little blue one.

I have also designed and completed 3 neckwarmers in pretty fall colors.  I only need to purchase and add the buttons before I can photograph them.  In case you don't know, neckwarmers are mini scarves that you button around your neck...keeping your neck all warm and cozy! 
Upon the request of one of my beautiful nieces, I have designed a pair of arm/wrist warmers (also known as fingerless gloves).  I intend to photograph these when my daughter's lovely hands are available to modle! 
I'd say that so far I have had a beautiful day in yarn heaven!!  I hope you have done something that you loved to do today!

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